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This is the monthly Science Fiction and Short story discussion podcast where we dive in deep and see what we can learn about ourselves and the world. Every month we cover a different short story with a guest. Our guests range from writers and editors, to academics, businessmen, scientists, musicians, and everything in between.

Past and Upcoming Guests:

2018 Nebulas!

May 16, 2018

If you haven't already heard, we will be recording at the 2018 Nebulas this year! In fact, that will be in two days.

It gets better. Not only will we be there will famous authors like Peter Beagle and Connie Willis and editors like Gardner Dozois, but we intend to interview them and share the experience with you throughout this week into June.

We will also be collaborating with SFWA and the Archivos Podcast Network to bring you the best coverage we can. Hope you enjoy the episodes!

Here is a little more about the Archivos Podcast Network:

The Archivos Podcast Network (APN) was founded by Dave Robison in 2012 as a celebration of the storyteller's craft. It's comprised of two alternating podcasts...
ARCHIVOS: Insights features interviews with the stellar luminaries of contemporary speculative fiction, delving into their unique creative processes and perspectives. 
ARCHIVOS: Brainstorms invites the author back to hear a story pitch by a guest writer after which we indulge in an extensive brainstorm of the idea in our endless search for the elusive "literary gold".  
It's an in-depth exploration of the creative process, first in the theory and then in practice, with the end result of stimulating the storytelling mojo of both our guests and our audience!